Fighting Chance - Somethin's Gotta Be Done

from by Various Artists



from: Sacrifice And Struggle - Insurgence - IR015


A young Roma kid in an eastern city
Despised and hated for the name he bears
Czech youth constantly taunt and abuse him
Spit in his face with hate in their stares
One lonely night down an ancient Prague alley
He's chased and attacked by nationalist thugs
Boots rain down they beat and stab him
A Roma kid murdered six on one

Somethin's gotta be done, No! We will never run!
Somethin's gotta be done
Smash, smash, smash the scum!

Deep in the south America swelters
A battle rages over history's spoils
They're fighting to fly a flag on the courthouse
A flag of oppression and blood stained soil
With cries of religion, states rights and heritage
It's the same old boys in a new disguise
With no concern for the victim's descendents
It's the same old hate and the same old lies

Somali immigrants in small town New England
Are told "get out, you're not welcome here"
Racists rush to form coalitions
To fan the flames of hate and fear
Asked to leave by a spineless mayor
And told "there's not enough jobs for whites"
He is defended by a biased media
Praised and honored by the racist right

They're not hiding under hooded robes
They're elected into office and they're on our streets
It's the same old message we've heard before
Hateful lies and bigotry
Their followers lurk in every city
In backstreet bars and council halls
It's time we organized to fight back
Combat their lies and smash them all!




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