from Dismantlement - Insurgence - IR023


While life may have you beaten
And death you're always cheatin'
Since the cradle
You've had one foot in the grave
Your deadbeat father left you cursed
Your mother only made it worse
It broke her heart when
Your soul could not be saved

You're out of time
Out of your mind, out of control
Out in streets you're making noise
You're out of time
Out of your mind, out of control
Running wild with the riot boys

You were too smart for school
And bending the golden rule
Led to all the hearts and
The laws that you've broken
And when you left home
You found yourself all alone
With the shame you brought
Best left unspoken

Now that you've done your time
You hope that you can leave behind
The smell of whiskey
Cheap powder and cigarettes
But some things will never change
Like a life that's blood stained
Lived in a moment
That's filled with regrets




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Northern Aggression

The Northern Aggression sampler features the hardest selections from Insurgence bands - several of them unreleased - accompanied by tracks from other bands in our orbit. Get stuck in!

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