The Class Assassins - Outside Looking In

from by Various Artists



from: Going The Distance - Insurgence - IRd032


Ever since I was born
I never liked much of anyone
Fight the kids on the other block
Punishment followed whenever I fought
Then I went to school, people I don't know
Selling me, forever watching and telling me
I can't come in

Well i was just a kid with nothing to hide
And you can never swallow your pride
When you're on the outside looking in

Getting high, having a laugh
Picking fights in the classroom
Broke some laws, done some time
That's the way that they keep you in line
When you're on the outside looking in
I'm listed as a menace to society
Put on file by authority
And I can't come in

What you know is what they tell you
Who are they to show the way
Hold me fold me, I don't think so
I'm not taking it

Well they're the liars, they're the thieves and cons
And they call me the ugly one
Well I can't come in

Well I don't want you and what you're all about
And you'll never take me out
You'll never take me
No, you'll never take me out




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