from Hard Grace - Insurgence - IR021


People often doubt of our integrity
Protesting, rioting, confronting
The difference lies in the motivation
And the end and nature of action
The extreme right is willing to kill
For a privileged minority
The extreme left is willing to die
For the greater good and equality
They'll kill for theirs, we'll die for ours
Yeah we're disorderly and delinquent
According to this world order
Yeah we're fucking enraged and violent
According to your assaulting system

From left to right the ends don't meet
My society has no elite
Our fight is driven by love of our class
And not by hate and bigotry




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Northern Aggression

The Northern Aggression sampler features the hardest selections from Insurgence bands - several of them unreleased - accompanied by tracks from other bands in our orbit. Get stuck in!

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