The Press - Just Another Warning

from by Various Artists



from The Complete Press - Insurgence - IR024


This one is for all the troublemakers!
Heavy duty dose of reality!
Here comes trouble warning!

You're looking for some action
I can see it on your face
You want a little excitement
Or some new far off place
Well if boredom's the only reason
There's no need to look too far
'Cause down on Norfolk Street
They're blowing up someone's car

And the cops are pushing a crackdown And they're calling it Pressure Point
But I wonder who was getting away
When they busted me for a joint

And it's just another warning
But it's one you can't forget
'Cause temperatures are rising
And it's getting hotter still
And it's just another injustice
And it's one you'll soon regret
A lot of angry people
Who never will forget

And you never have an answer
But you always got something to say
And you're always looking for trouble
'til the day that they put you away

Here comes trouble warning
And you gotta pay the price
Young urban professional business man
Is making everything so nice
But you want a piece of the action
I can see it in your eyes
You never want an answer
But you'll gladly take the lies




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