Class War Kids - Common Threads

from by Various Artists



from Reflection Rage Rebellion - Rebel Time - RT-004


Through a smokescreen of hate they watch
Silent in fear
As diversity strikes and new cultures appear
Now with enemy forged draw a line in the sand
'Cause it's easy to hate what they won't understand
And with venomous tongues
Poison deep in their hearts
They'll try desperate with rage to tear beauty apart
But united we'll stand, never suffering defeat
For we'll never surrender and never retreat

They'll try to tell you they're different
"They don’t bleed the same"
But their blood's just as red
As the streets they leave stained
Empty slogans about honor and purity of race
But there's no honor in combat, no honor in hate
They'll try to poison our souls
With their fear and their shame
Writing songs to create hate not just entertain
But as they 'entertain' kids, we will educate
And break each racist heart that they try to create

They’re gonna try to tear
Our common threads at the seams
But they won't get you and they won't get me




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